Sunday, April 19, 2015


Yesterday, the star of the "Anne of Green Gables" series, actor Jonathan Crombie, died of a brain hemorrhage. He was only 48 years old.

Three years ago, right before my 43rd birthday, I had brain surgery to treat twin aneurysms. I survived, many do not.

The numbers who die daily from crisis and disease are staggering.

Today, thirteen-hundred and seventy people will die from a brain aneurysm.
Today, two thousand, seven hundred and forty people will commit suicide.
Today, four thousand, three hundred and eighty-three people will die from violence, including rape and assault.

There will be six thousand, eight hundred and forty-nine alcohol related deaths, today.
There will be twenty-one thousand, nine hundred and eighteen deaths from some form of cancer, today alone.

To put this in perspective, today three thousand, five hundred and sixty-one people will die in a motor vehicle accident.

Shockingly, of the forty thousand, eight hundred and twenty-one people listed above, more than 82% of them could have survived. With access to help, support, therapy, proper treatment, available medications, and early diagnosis, 82% of these people could still be with us.

That is Twelve Million, Two Hundred and Seventeen Thousand, Seven Hundred and Twenty-Five human beings this year alone who did not have to die.

We have to get educated. We have to seek help. We have to report abuse. We have to get tested. We have to listen to our bodies, our hearts, and eachother. We have to speak up and reach out. Do it today.

Get a mammogram. Get a brain scan. Have a blood test. Enter rehab. Go to therapy. Call the police. Go to a shelter. Talk to a priest. Seek treatment.

Do something today to survive.

Today matters, because we all need more tomorrows. Breathe Brave.

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