Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Disappointment Lure

Disappointment: the feeling of sadness or displeasure caused by the non-fulfillment of one's hopes or expectations. 
Lure: an appealing or attractive quality also a devise used for attracting.

Life seems to have a great many Disappointment Lures. Surviving certainly does.

As human beings, as well as patients, victims, and survivors, we are drawn to attractive things and ideas. Promises of love, friendship, and happiness. Hopes of treatments, therapies, and cures. We seek things with promise and grab hold of things with hope. We reach for people who can help make our journey more enlightening and successful.

We long for understanding and sharing being understood with someone else. We long for promises to be fulfilled and hopes realized. In often unvoiced, secret parts of ourselves, we expect the best case scenario. It is where dreams live.

But, with promise, hope, and expectations, we all risk setting ourselves up for disappointments. The more powerful and attractive the lure, the bigger the risk, because it inspires the strongest belief in it.

Because life and surviving are often wrought with the worst case scenarios, or, at the very least, less than best case, we can easily find ourselves dashed against the rocks of reality. Overcome with sadness when an expectation goes unfulfilled. 

Risk is part of life. Without it, there can be no reward. 

We can not let set-backs or fear guide our actions. We can not survive by being like a child who reaches and touches a hot stove, learning never to touch it again. We have to risk being burned, over and over again. We have to keep reaching and touching. It is how we will survive.

Continue to reach for the lures, seek the understanding, hope for the cures, and dream of the promises of something better. For each disappointment fight within yourself for the belief that it is merely the precursor to eventual fulfillment. 

Breathe brave every single day and tell someone they are loved, even if that someone is you. Because love can survive even in disappointment and guide your soul towards fulfillment. 

The perfect lures

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