Friday, April 3, 2015


Battling trauma and crisis will keep you on your toes and put you on edge.

There is so much to think about, to do, to juggle, to contemplate, and to prepare for. From doctor's visits and treatment options, to emotional assessments and life adjustments, to evaluating your energy level and time management for accomplishing routine tasks when you are at your most energetic, to friends and family commitments and time for yourself.

Dealing with the details of trauma can be exhausting and un-fulfilling to your personal reserves. So, you have to make sure to allot time for the little details that can help anchor and inspire you to remember who you are amid the chaos.

Like a ballerina, who has to remember all the dance steps, hit all the marks, know the routine, trust her partner, stretch her muscles, practice all the moves, find the grace to feel the music, inhale the strength to exit the wings onto the stage, be brave enough to leap, and be inspired in the truth to dance, you can not forget the simple act of putting on your toe shoes.

Make time for the small things which are part of the bigger picture of you. Remind yourself to make the effort for the little details which are important to the cohesiveness of you feeling like yourself and not a random patient or a victim.

They do not have to be grand gestures, just subtle reminders. These "minor" details play a huge part in your survival.

You might not be able to get out of bed, but you can put on clean, comfy pajamas. You might not have the strength to conduct a symphony, but you can listen to a song which makes your heart sing.

You might not have the energy to cook a gourmet meal, but you can order take-out. You might be too weak to plant a garden, but you can still stop to smell a flower.

You might not have the time to write an epic poem, but you can read one that inspires you. You might not have the fortitude to watch a whole movie, but you can fall asleep in front of the t.v. watching one.

You might not have the energy to rock out, but you can still tap your feet to a catchy tune. You might not have the ability to dress up, but you can paint your toenails.

Like a ballerina, who is not dancing today, you can still metaphorically put on your toe shoes and lace them up to feel like part of the dance within you. Just closing your eyes and imagining the pale silk ribbons wrapping around your legs can be inspiring.

Fill up your reserves and restock your inner strength with whatever small detail reminds you that you are still you. These subtleties are vital to your survival. Breathe brave and find your dance within.

Today my toes danced.

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