Saturday, April 18, 2015

Bit Parts

As a survivor, you are the lead in your own story, surrounded by the supporting characters in your survival. But to each and every one of these supporting characters, you are a supporting character in their story.

We all must keep in mind, no matter how vital our role feels to us, no matter how glaring the spotlight, we are the bit parts in other people's stories. 

We do not survive alone. Others, who love and care about us, share in the pains and trials of our survival. We are each a part of each other's brave and amazing stories.

There are no bit players in surviving. Everyone's role is important.

The hand you hold that gives you comfort needs to be held in return. The tears you shed often well up in the eyes of someone who cares for you. The hug which makes you feel supported also wraps around the person hugging you. The fear and worry which paralyzes you can stop the heart of someone who loves you as well

Every touch we feel is felt, in turn, by the one touching us.

The support of a supporting character is a two-way street. The support works in tandem, like dancers in the footlights. Enhancing and enduring together, through all the soaring leaps and the painful falls.

You do not wait in the darkened wings by yourself. Remember to share the stages of your survival. The same curtain which opens for you, opens for the ones sharing the stage with you.

Each act consists of many players. Be thankful for the people willingly taking the stage with you. And, when you know victories, whether large or small, be sure to take the time to acknowledge and thank the people who helped you survive.

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