Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Ribbon Road

Survivors notice ribbons. We can't help it. Once you have related to a ribbon, been represented by a ribbon, been supported by a ribbon, or shown your support and solidarity with a ribbon, you tend to notice all the ribbons, no matter what the classifying color, from yellow to black. (For the record, brain aneurysm awareness ribbons are the burgundy ones.)

So, driving down the road today, I noticed a minivan with a purple ribbon on it. The ribbon was emblazoned with the words Abbis Road. Since I didn't recognize that reference, I looked it up when I got home.

And, stumbled upon a special survivor's Facebook page.

Survivor Jewelry is about being part of a supportive community, sharing our stories, showing our scars without shame, telling each other we are loved, and helping each other to breathe brave together through our unique experiences during traumatic times. Embracing our light to lead each other through the dark. Providing safe havens for each other when we need to feel the most protected.

Abbi's Road is about one family doing just those things and a little girl inspiring them all with her bravery as she battles cancer.

People are amazing. Our stories are powerful and we create communities of understanding by sharing them. One person's story can help others survive. We can give each other hope. One person's struggle can inspire a community of compassion, love, and vital support. We all need to be there for each other. This is how we survive, endure, and heal.

Every life matters. Every one's story is beautiful.

Every ribbon you will ever notice came from someone being loved. Someone being brave. Every single one. Remember that. Notice every ribbon, it is tied to an important life.

Share your stories. Support each other. Make a difference in someone's life. Build a community of support. Love each other. There are a lot of us. We are not alone. We all breathe brave together.

(Note: We value all survivors' privacy and are not sharing Abbi's story here. But all our stories are powerful. I did share a link to her Facebook site solely because her family is sharing her story eloquently with their own words in the community they built for her out of love. We support and respect that. We noticed her ribbon and we are inspired by it. Thank you, Abbi, for being beautiful and brave.)

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