Thursday, April 2, 2015

Mute Scarecrow

Some days you will just not feel like talking to anyone.

You will just want to be left alone.

You will want to contemplate. Or pray. Or lick your wounds. Or cry in the shower. Or hide under the covers. Or sit still in a patch of sun. Or run on a treadmill until it hurts. Or rock out in your underwear to loud music.

Or dream of doing all those things, but just be too tired to even think, much less move.

It is okay to wile away the hours and only converse with the flowers. (The Scarecrow did it and still managed to make it down the Yellow Brick Road.)

Breathe deep. Be quiet. Be still. Be yourself.

Pajamas and silence will not judge you.
So don't judge yourself for needing time alone. It is a true survival skill. It helps you heal.

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