Sunday, April 5, 2015

Momentary Springs

Spring is known as a time of growth, renewal, and rebirth. A season that starts fresh with promises of a new beginning. It is a special time of warmth and light, after a long season of cold and darkness.

Surviving has its own unique springtimes. Moments when the dark clears and the horizon can open up like a soft sunrise. Sometimes this spring of promise lingers and blossoms, while other times it is a sweet momentary gift.

We are all familiar with the latin saying "Carpe Diem" or seize the day, but few are as familiar with "Capiat Lucem", seize the light.

It is extremely important to not let these times of warmth and lightness go unnoticed by dwelling too long on the dark times you have been struggling through. They are far too rare and precious to not grab a hold of. Do not let the light escape unsavored. Capiat Lucem.

We are the roads to our own enlightenment and seizing the light, when we glimpse it, keeps us on the right path. Hold onto it tightly.

These moments, no matter how fleeting, can bloom into the strength that feeds your soul so you can to continue to breathe brave and endure. They are the beautiful miracles of survival and in them lives the grace which helps us to heal. 

Happy Easter.

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