Monday, March 30, 2015


The crisis of trauma or illness is overwhelming. You can literally shut down from too much at once. Instantly struck by the sensation of the utter loss of all sensation. 

One moment you are dealing with life, trying to process all the slings and arrows. The next moment you are frozen like a statue as life goes on around you. 

Paralyzed and unable to process even one more thing. Not another ounce of weight, or pain, or hurt, or guilt. Unable to shed even a single tear. You go completely, internally numb.

There is no way of predicting these moments or what will trigger them. No way of knowing how long they will last. You will be at a standstill until something deep inside of you finds the will to move again.

Allow yourself a breather. Walk away. Stare at a wall. Curl under blankets. Allow your body and mind to reset. Don't beat yourself up over it. There is no shame in being overwhelmed.

Truth is you can not function when you can not function. Period. 

So, during these moments, don't try to function. Don't try to face everything at once. Just be. Stand still. Remember to breathe. You will move again.

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