Saturday, March 14, 2015


It is important during survival to find sources of support that will genuinely aid in your healing and not hinder it. Sometimes this support can be in life-changing gestures or treatments. Other times, it can be found in those who we bring closest to our hearts during our upheaval. 

But, never underestimate the value of a good nurse.

A lot of survivors end up getting to know a lot of nurses. 

Nurses often get a bad rap. Like all people, they come in a variety of types. Sadly, some are indifferent or inept and others are insensitive or cruel. But, there are more Florence Nightingales out there then Nurse Ratcheds. 

Nurses who can make hard times easier and lessen the impact of scary times. They can see you when you are at your worst and still manage to like you. They help people heal and offer gentle hands for those transitioning through their final days. 

It is a hard job to watch people suffer and sometimes a thankless one.

Nurses deserve our gratitude. 

Especially the ones who:

Apologize when they have to stick you with needles,
Offer you snacks or drinks when you are stuck sitting somewhere too long,
Bring you blankets when cold rooms and treatments leave you freezing,
Wear festive scrubs to brighten dull treatments,
Smile when they see you,
Make boring hours fun,
Remember you without looking at a chart,
Listen to your story,
Share their stories with you,
Help you laugh when you feel bad,
Hold your hand when you know pain,
Check on you often,
Genuinely seem to worry about you,
Relish in your victories,
Console you during your setbacks,
Treat you with dignity and respect,
& are just plain Nice and Friendly.

If you have a nurse who makes your survival easier and less painful, be sure to give thanks.

Personally I would like to thank each and every nurse at the Peninsula Cancer Institute Infusion Therapy Clinic in Gloucester, Virginia. These ladies have truly been Nightingales for me. PCI Infusion Therapy

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