Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Almost Five Billion

It is estimated 67% of the people on the Earth today have or will experience some substantial traumatic event in their lifetime.

That means of the approximately 7 billion 300 thousand people currently on the planet, 4 billion 891 thousand of them have or will experience trauma from an endless list of circumstances, including severe illnesses, war, abuse, accidents, torture, rape, assaults, and natural disasters.

Almost 5 billion people. 
Yet, every single day, survivors feel uniquely alone in their struggles.
Almost 5 billion people. 
Yet, survivors continue to battle with immense depression, shame, guilt, and regret.
Almost 5 billion people. 
Yet, survivors have trouble making their feelings and needs understood.
Almost 5 billion people. 
Yet, survivors often struggle to get help and adequate treatment.
Almost 5 billion people. 
Yet, survivors hide their traumas, their scars, and struggle to cope privately.
Almost 5 billion people. 
Yet, survivors are routinely re-traumatized by simple interactions with people and health-care professionals who do not take the time to understand their situation, who speak without thinking, and who don't know or bother to respect the vulnerable state a survivor often exists in.
Almost 5 billion people. 
And, that number does not include the people who love them and survive with them.

We are not alone. Even when we feel like we are.

One million people commit suicide a year. 
Globally it is the tenth leading cause of death. (Only slightly less in number than car accidents worldwide, and just above in numbers over stomach cancer, colon cancer and liver cancer.)

One million Survivors Lost. Leaving behind the survivors who love them.

Do not give up. You may feel isolated and lost, but you are not alone.

Reach out. Share your story. Ask for help.

If no one takes your hand, or listens, or answers...
Make some noise.
Move on to the next family member, friend, doctor, nurse, therapist, survivor group, or stranger.

Reach again. Share again. Ask again. Make a racket.
And keep doing it until you get the help and support you need.
Don't lose hope.

Each of us is too beautiful, too brave, and too unique to lose. 

Their are almost 5 billion of us, 
more if you count the ones who have stood by us, 
even more if you count the ones who you haven't even met yet who will stand with you... 

Join us. You are already one of us. We breathe brave together.

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