Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Everyone has milestones in their lives. Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, celebrations, and many other important events. 

Survivors add to these a unique kind of milestones. Some big, like years in remission, good test results, and clean scans. While some are victories in the ability to accomplish a small basic thing which had been lost, like able to walk through the grocery store unassisted, drive a car, got out of bed, felt less pain, grew hair back, touched my toes, and managed not to cry today.

When you feel disheartened and the road has been too long, try to hold close these precious milestones. Close your eyes, feel that milestone like a smooth pebble in your hand, and see yourself throwing it into a calm, vast lake. Imagine the ripples in the water as it skims the surface and then breaks through, falling into the blue. Feel those ripples expanding out to create waves, those waves rising up and caressing the shore.

Your milestone no matter how small creates a positive ripple effect in your life. See not just the milestone itself, but everything it represents. As we survive, the pebbles of our survival, become the amazing waves of our life.

Today is my birthday. I hurt a whole lot today. But, three years ago, when I had brain surgery, I didn't know if I would ever have another birthday. 

We only hurt while we are alive. So, pain felt on a birthday I didn't know I would get to have seems a small price to pay.

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