Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Survivors and the Survivors Who Love Them need to reach out.

Everyone faces struggles and hardships. Everyday someone somewhere feels hurt and alone. 

But, we are not alone. We need to show eachother that. Support matters.

Charity is an important act and one that doesn't have to be about money. There are many forms of charity. Give your time, your support, and your love to someone in need of it. Give one moment of your humanity to another person.

It is that simple.
We can all help eachother survive. 
Be kind today. 
Do something for someone else. 
Do just one thing. Today.
And then tell us about it. 
No matter how big or small or specific or random.
Give a kindness.

We can inspire eachother by helping another. We can inspire another to share, by sharing ourselves. Help someone survive today. It matters.

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