Sunday, July 26, 2015

Pants on Fire

Surviving forces you to navigate a lot of lies and face a lot of liars. 

Big and devastating lies, small and white lies, lies of omission or deflection, and lies of hope or attempting at protection. The lies of others or to one's self. These lies can manipulate your outlook, change your hopefulness, and alter your course during times when it is hard enough to stay on track.

During the challenging and stressful times of traumatic events, people lie. Some lie to boost hope, while others lie to avoid reality. Many lie to facilitate decisions as others lie to paint a better picture. People will lie in attempts at providing support and we will lie to ourselves because the truth seems too hard to bear. 

But, in the end, lies hurt and cause great damage. They can rage like a wildfire and burn down important bridges to survival. They wreck havoc often at a time when the depth of hurt is already too deep to easily climb out of.

We all have to make an effort to tell the truth, even when they are the hardest of truths. Because, even the darkest truths can give us the strength to see clearly what we are facing, so we can fight it head-on. We can be enlightened by that truth, even when trudging through the shadows.

No matter what lie rationalizing reason, fight the seductive ease of lying. Even painful truths have the power and grace of truth. Find the truth in yourself and seek it from others. We are indeed the roads to our own enlightenment and need to make our journeys as honest as possible to find the path which is right for us.

The fight is hard enough without being hindered by lies. Breathe brave and exhale with honesty. It makes the next breath easier.

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