Thursday, July 16, 2015


Into the Valley of Death rode the six hundred...
I am Sparta...

Whether the Charge of the Light Brigade or the Spartans' stand at the Battle of Thermopylae, throughout history people have fought against impossible odds. 

People have struggled alone against unimaginable forces and have taken a stand when everything aligned against them should have made them lie down. 

It isn't easy to survive insurmountable odds. The struggle is long and the battles are bloody. The outcomes are not always what we dreamed of, planned for, or intended.

But, life wants to cling, even through fear and trauma. Hope tries to linger, even in the darkest places. 

We each have strength buried deep within us. If we reach deep enough, we have the power to fight, even when our reserves are dwindling and our options begin to pale.

During my brain surgery and long-suffering, on-going recovery, I have often found myself at a standstill, come up against a wall, and felt utter defeat. Defeat which has coursed through my every vein, physically and emotionally. Yet, with a paralyzed spirit and debilitated health, I have forced myself to stand and brace against the onslaught.

I have whispered to myself with a voice only I can hear... "I am Sparta."

With a legion of horror bearing down on me, no support in reserve, and no hope galloping across the horizon to save me, I have stood alone screaming.... "I am Sparta."

With no strength left, I have fought. I fight still... "I am Sparta."

In the end, I may win, but I may not. 
I may be victorious, or I may be decimated by defeat.

But, I will stand even when broken beyond reckoning.  
I will breathe brave until I have no more breath in me.... for I truly am Sparta.

This is Survivor Jewelry's 100th Post and "We are Sparta." 
Because even when we stand alone, we stand for something bigger then ourselves.

"Ancient sparta theater" by Κούμαρης Νικόλαος. Licensed under Attribution via Wikimedia Commons -

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