Saturday, July 4, 2015


Over two hundred years ago, America declared its independence. It was bold and decisive. It was brave to face the unknown with a plan, a goal, and a dream of something better.

Survivors struggle with independence.

During crisis, trauma, and illness there is a strange balancing act of needing to stand on our own and needing the support of others to lean on. There is a unique time in the healing process where we still need help, but also fight to move forward alone.

Whether it is something basic, like assistance walking or getting dressed, or something once basic but now more complex like driving or being left alone, independence suddenly becomes something scary and involves fortitude.

Independence is freedom, but even freedom falters on occasion. Do not grow disheartened if your first attempts leave you tired and clingy. Do not give up if you try and at first do not succeed. Don't beat yourself up if sometimes you still need to hold on for dear life.

Growth and healing is a process. Needing help during times of hardship is human nature. Allow yourself the freedom to take your time. Allow yourself the voice to declare what you need and need to try to accomplish on your own. It is alright to depend on others while finding your own independence and it is also alright to take some steps for yourself on your own.

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