Sunday, June 14, 2015

Digging Deep

When he knows what he wants, the Irish Rogue digs on you. Whether it be more attention paid or an understanding empathy, whether needing something or desiring snuggles, when my dog wants it, he digs.

Sometimes it is the sweetest, softest, most endearing pat with a single foot. While other times, it's a relentless onslaught of exuberant digging with both feet and all the strength he can muster. Over and over with the digging on you, as a gentle reminder not to forget or an insistent demand to hop to it,

He knows what he wants. 
He knows what he needs. 
He believes and trusts in others enough to ask for it.

Survivors could learn a lot from this simple act.

In times of trauma and crisis, it is hard to express need and ask for help. It can be difficult to trust ourselves and others enough to reach out. 

We are overwhelmed which often leads to isolation by not wanting to overwhelm another, overstep a boundary, or become a burden.

But, we have to speak up, even if only figuratively in simple acts or genuine expressions, to accurately convey what we need. 

We can not be afraid to ask the hard questions. We shouldn't hesitate in trusting those we rely on for support and aid. If we go unheard, we must find our voice and formulate our words to ask again, louder and more insistently. It is vital we reach out.

Even in chaos, deep inside us, we know what we want and what we need to help us survive. We have to trust each other, and ourselves, enough to ask for it. Sometimes you have to dig deep to heal.

Note: Watch the Irish Rogue demand to go to the Dog Park.

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