Monday, May 25, 2015


Some of our bravest survivors only survive in our memories. Beautiful souls who fought for life and were taken from us too soon.

It's often quite hard to remember them without experiencing anew the sharp pain of their loss, but it is important to soften that hurt by taking the time to find the grace and beauty in your memories of the life they left behind.

With every tear shed, take a moment to breathe in the joy and love you shared with them while they were here. Remember their smiles, their comforting touch, and their unique presence. Look back on a private, special moment shared and find peace in it. Close your eyes, inhale a memory, and give them life again within that moment of rememberance.

We are all survivors and we all carry within us those who survive now only in our memories. Do not let them be forgotten. Light a candle in your heart and allow its comforting glow to warm your soul for all love remembered will forever help to light your way.

Find the beauty they shared with you and apply it anew to your life. This Memorial Day, remember those who survived before you and shared their love with you. Breathe in the memory of their life and live brave so they can continue to live on in you.

If you want, you can light a Gratefulness candle today, in memory of a survivor you love.

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