Friday, May 1, 2015

No Small Change


Your time, your money, your talent, and your support can make a big difference in lives facing crisis.

Get involved and give. 

People in crisis need things big and small. Often little basic things you don't think of, which make a huge difference in the lives of those struggling.

Hospitals need volunteers, even if just to show newcomers around. Emergencies centers need blood, but sometimes they also need someone just to hand out some juice to the people giving the blood. Sometimes donating involves things you don't immediately think of.

People sitting vigil with people fighting to survive not only need respect, understanding and support, but maybe they also need places to sleep, rides to hospitals, clean clothes, snacks, a blanket, some shampoo, a place to take a shower or get a cup of coffee at 2am. 

When helping someone fight for their life, it is not always easy to take care of the basic things, or even always afford the basics. When facing crisis, we sometimes need a little help to face it better.

Donate whatever you can. There is someone out there somewhere who needs it, whatever it is. Don't have any money or anything to donate? Donate yourself. Your time. Someone can make use of it. 

There is no small change in donating. Every penny, every gift, every unselfish giving act, make for a big difference in the life of survivors.

Sometimes people just need a little help, when they are helping someone they love survive. Sometimes survivors need help to become survivors. Give today, because maybe someone you love with need help tomorrow.

(Note: My mother is in the hospital. I am currently in The Doorways, a hospitality hotel, have just taken the first shower in a couple of days, eaten some rice, and gotten to wash a load of clothes. All donated by total strangers. The laundry room is painted with teddy bears drying on a clothesline, all painted by someone who donated their time. There is a floor for children and transplant patients, and everyone is nice and helpful. It is making a big difference in my ability to remain near my mother and be here as she fights to heal. Thank you for any donations you make now or in the future, because someone benefits greatly.)

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