Saturday, September 19, 2015


Love me for my brains!
September is Brain Aneurysm Awareness Month.

What do
Quincy Jones (entertainer/producer), Sharon Stone (actress), Neil Young (singer / songwriter), Bill Berry (drummer, R.E.M.), Bret Michaels (singer, Poison), Tamala Jones (actress), Joni Mitchell (singer/songwriter), Scott Hamilton (Olympic figure skater), Della Reese (actress)... and me
have in common?

We are all Survivors of Brain Aneurysms.

What do 
Guy Williams (actor, Zorro), Stephanie Tubbs Jones (Congresswoman), Jeanne-Claude (artist), Anne Baxter (actress), Todd Barnes (drummer, T.S.O.L), Jerry York (IBM), David Mills (Screenwriter), Laura Branigan (singer), Rex Robbins (actor), and Betty Clooney (entertainer)
have in common?

They are all people we lost too soon to Brain Aneurysms. 

Sadly, half a million more people worldwide will die from ruptured brain anuerysms this year alone and half of those deaths will be people under the age of 50.

We all need to be more aware.
Brain aneurysm will affect 1 in 15 Americans. 
One will rupture every 15 minutes. 
40% of those ruptures will be fatal.

Love Your Brain.
Be aware of your family history. Be proactive. Have open and honest conversations. Get scanned.

For survivors and those fighting to survive, as well as for the people who love them and those who remember with love those we have lost, support is vital.

Show your support today!
Add-on to your own photos and show your support.

Give brains some love.

Our support and our voices matter... so do our Brains!

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